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RCS Issuer Services has a unique approach to Depositary Receipts by unlocking multiple jurisdictions and implementing the latest market developments for its clients
Cutting Edge Depositary Services
RCS Issuer Services goal is to offer companies the best services in administering Depositary Receipts programs through exceptional advisory and best in class in-house services provided by a highly experienced and professional team
Assisting companies in preparing the step plan for the issuance of Depositary Recepts
Advising companies on the Depositary Receipts program structure
Drafting deposit agreements and ancillary documents
Coordinating with lawyers and other counteparties to make sure that all steps are completed from the step plan
Appointing local custodian. Preparing and issuing the Depositary Receipts and serving as Depositary
Facilitating ongoing issuance, cancellation and/or buybacks of Depositary Receipts